The length of the UK is approximately  645.67 miles top to bottom, What an amazing achievement it would be to say you have walked or cycled that! Thinking practically, I do not have the resources or time in fact to physically cycle or walk the length of the UK, HOWEVER! I do have a gym membership and they do have bicycles!

I am prepared to lay down the challenge of cycling the equivalent of the length of the UK in four weeks! This is roughly twenty five miles a day! I will keep a log of distance covered each day and hey, why not have some fun - We can chart my success on a real map, see where I am and learn some facts about each place as we go!

So come on! Join the team and lets raise some more serious money for ISF! Please donate as much as you can for such a worthy cause! My goal target is to raise £1,000! I will be starting my challenge on the 8th April 2013!

All your support in previous ventures has meant a great deal to me, so even if you can not donate give me a shout or even by tweeting this page or my crowdrise one because your messages and words of encouragements really do get me through!


Sandra x

Check out Sandras Progress DAY 4!

The dark black line indicates how far Sandra has cycled!

Sandra has completed 112.1 miles and has a remaining 533.57 to complete her challenge!

She has 30 Days to DO THIS!

Please help her achieve her GOAL & DONATE

Ian has especially signed these ISF Tote bags. These are limited and we will be raffling the first one off on 30th April 2013!

To win this simply donate £3 for UK entrants or $5 for US entrants :)

Just click on the above donate button!

Thank you & Good Luck!