@IS_Foundation is now officially listed in Ebay Giving Works "Get Involved"

Have you ever browsed eBay as a buyer or sold something there, you may have seen a note saying a listing is part of eBay Giving Works. eBay Giving Works  is monitored by Mission Fish and allows 10-100% of an auction to go to a charity. As a buyer, you can also search for listings that give specifically to charity  by going to http://www.ebaygivingworks.com/. If you already have a specific charity in mind and they are registered, you can make a donation to the charity without even having to make a purchase or list an item. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions on the website to donate as little as one dollar to your  favorite charity. 
ISF is now officially listed in eBay Giving Works. Next time you are browsing eBay as a buyer trying to find that toy you had as a child or  getting a used textbook for class, you can donate with your purchase. 


For those who missed it on Friday 7th September 2012, the land ISF wanted for the sanctuary was in danger of being turned into a business park and transfer station. Somerhalder called the twitterverse into action and did his own behind closed doors negotiations.

We’re not sure what the deal is exactly, or what the tough decision was, but we’re thrilled that the sanctuary is moving forward. Of course the sanctuary still needs approval from the zoning board tonight, but unless they want all of the star’s fans writing in with complaints, it should be granted.

This sanctuary will bring together bullied animals and bullied kids to help heal one another. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation writes on their site, “ISF intends on creating a safe haven for all the outcasted [sic] animals that have been neglected, mistreated and ultimately misunderstood. Some may see the potential in an abused animal as ending at the animal’s personal rehabilitation. In our eyes, this is just the beginning. What if ISF provided opportunities for these misfit creatures to continue their emotional journey alongside others who were hurting from a life filled with dejection?

“We know in our hearts that animals and bullies share common emotional baggage. For example, an abused and neglected pitbull has the power to transform a school bully into a compassionate leader with a shift in benevolent consciousness. While both the dog and the bully are refused the opportunity to demonstrate their true potential within their daily lives, a healing and educational journey side by side has the power to manifest massive changes in perspective. We will bring the bruised together as a family to learn just how unique — and just very the same — we all are…and how if we unite…we are NOT the outcasted, we ARE the UNSTOPPABLE.”

A mission to help animals and people? Sounds like a win win to us. Congrats to the ISF team for their hard work. This big dream will soon become a reality.

Source:- Ecorazzi

Ian Somerhalders Plea to STOP The Keystone XL Pipeline!


Picture this: a large, multibillion dollar Canadian corporation comes to the president of the United States and wants to build a 1,700-mile oil pipeline from Canada all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. After reviewing the project, it becomes clear that instead of reducing America's reliance on oil from overseas, this pipeline would carry oil across America, risking spills on our land and waters, just to export the oil to other countries. In addition, the pipeline would increase gasoline prices in America, add to our air pollution, and most importantly, be a major setback in the fight to reverse global warming.

Clearly, the president would say no to Big Oil on this one, wouldn't he?

This is the exact question facing President Obama as he reviews TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. Keystone XL could carry up to 900,000 barrels of dirty tar sands oil across America every day. Producing and refining tar sands oil is energy-intensive, and releases 82% more greenhouse gas emissions, as well as more poisonous mercury and arsenic, compared to conventional oil. Piping corrosive tar sands oil is risky, and Keystone XL would run over an aquifer that provides drinking water for millions of Americans.

As next month’s deadline nears for the Obama administration to make a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, interest groups on both sides have launched aggressive campaigns aimed at swaying public opinion. Please join us and help STOP this and sign HERE!