Hi I am Mason Glazier I’m 8 year’s old. Many of you may remember me from climbing MOUNT SNOWDON last year on 2nd September 2012 to help raise funds for ISF Animal Sanctuary. 

This year I met my hero Ian Somerhalder in June at Insurgence 5 in Birmingham, he really is an awesome guy and its made me want to do more and help ISF. This year I have decided I want to do a sponsored bike ride which will be 6.25 miles on the blue trial.

I would really love it if my ISF Friends and Family could support me and donate to my sponsored bike ride, every little helps towards building the ISF Animal Sanctuary. :)

I will be doing my sponsored bike ride in September and I would like to raise £500 ($800)
it would be a dream come true if I could raise this much and beat my goal. Remember I am only 8 years old and have little legs, so please please help me reach my ISF goal and raise money for ISF!

To donate to my bike ride please click on the donate button :)

Thank you so much, I love you all very very much!

Mason :)