For the past few years we have done some funa and hard fundraising for ISF we wanted to take some time to show you some of our amazing fundraisers done by our amazing ISF Crew members who are an inspiration and TOTALLY ROCK!

June 2014, our Carla decided she wanted to go the extra mile and Climb Ben Nevis Mountain, last year she climbed Mount Snowdon and decided she wanted that extra challenge. We are very proud to say that Carla finished her Ben Nevis Climb and raised an amazing £715 she totally smashed her target of £500. We are extremely proud of Carla and again we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated to all our fundraisers and help us raise money for ISF! Check out her photos below:-
May 2014 our newest crew member Bekki decided she wanted to have a MUD BATH to raise money for ISF, she sat in her MUDDY TUB for an hour and managed to hit her target of £500 and  go over! WELL DONE BEKKI! WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU! Thank you again to everyone who has donated to our fun and adventureous fundraisers! Your support means alot to all of us! Check out bekki's mud bath below:-