Meet GENISF_Surrey many of you will know her as my one of my daughters who has been helping out ISF Surrey since the begining.

Although Amber has loved working with us and still is she has decided to become a GENISF Community Crew aimed at the younger generation, she wants to use her and knowledge from the past few years working with us to reach out and empower the youth of today and help them see how they can make a change in the world.

GENISF_Surrey will continue to work closely with ISF_Surrey fundraising and helping us out with other projects.

Their latest project to raise money for ISF is the Baked Bean Bath, many may have seen this on twitter, Amber will sit in a tub of gooey substance with bake beans to raise money for ISF, please note that all food used which will not be that much will be RECYCLED and given to our local farm where Amber volunteers. No food will go to waste.

Amber has raised £284 already and her goal is £500 so please if you could spare anything as much you can and donate to her ISF fundraiser and support a worthy cause lets help Ian and his amazing crew build the Animal Sanctuary and make his dream become a reality!

To check out her fundraiser please click HERE

If you donate £15 you get one of these Limited ISF Stationary Sets we don't have many available so HURRY if you want one :)

If you have donated £10 or more you will automatically receive any one of the FREE GIFTS below:-