A big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Mason's 8th Birthday and help raise money for ISF. It was an amazing night it was lovely to see all the old and new faces. We raised another £200 which has gone towards our grand total.


Saturday 12th May was such an amazing night! Thank you to everyone who came to support such a great and inspirational cause.

We raised an outstanding £800 ($1,263.90) which has been added to our bowling total and we now have a GRAND TOTAL of £1,000 ($1,579.87) we are getting very close to our target! Again thank you to everyone who came and helped out a big thank you to Nichola Burns and Ana Carvalho who helped on the night! Everyone was truly amazing!


After the success of our last events, our bowling night on Saturday 18th February 2012 went down a treat. It was lovely to see everyone again it was lovely to meet new people on the night. :)

As the night began every one was put into their allocated teams:-ISF Surrey, Jorges Team, Jamies Angels,ISF West Sussex,JP Team,Daniels Team.

The first round went really well, some having fun and others showing their competitive side, some were even running on duracell batteries as a certain someone would not stop talking the whole night, yes you know who you are! But as always Mr Christlow was a real trooper speaking to everyone and even showing off his moves like jaggar! Since I was unable to bowl due to my minor accident I spent most of the night taking pictures of the event.

Each team did really well and at the end of the night we tallied up the scores for the highest team score, The highest individual scorer & the lowest scorer of the night. To my surprise my husband won the highest individual scorer & his team won highest team scorer. Our lovely Sandra who I must add did really well bowling did get her certificate as the lowest scorer, however I must add she may not be a great bowler but she will kick ass doing her ISF marathon next month. 

We did raise a total of £300 for The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, so thank you so much for everyone who came and helped out. The night proved to be a huge success and I look forward to seeing you all again at our next event and hopefully some new faces.


On Saturday November 19th 2011 we, ISF Surrey,  threw our first fun day fundraiser in support of the IS Foundation. A foundation that we feel very passionately about and wanted to both raise money for as well as spread awareness.

Months of organization went into planning the event. We wrote to various companies telling them about ISF and how much it meant to us. It was amazing how supportive the local companies were from donating great raffle prizes to our local radio station that gave us merchandise and a massive shout out on air promoting the ISF Event.

Jamie Christlow kindly offered to auction himself off on eBay and come down on the day to meet and greet any fans. He was a true professional taking photos, signing pictures and greeting the winner and runner up of the eBay. We also held a silent auction on the day of and auctioned off a coffee date with Jamie which helped to bring our total from auctioning Jamie to £250.

Our entertainment for the event included stalls, a bouncy castle, and raffle. We also decided to add some excitement to our event that night when Sandra announced she would eat bugs consisting of worms, maggots, and raw fish eyes to raise money for ISF. She raised an outstanding £150.

The event was such as huge success that we raised an outstanding £500 for The Ian Somerhalder Foundation.