Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

17 billion plastic bags a year are given to British consumers. The average Briton accepts 5 times a weeks. 200 million tonnes of plastic is produced worldwide and 10% ends up in the ocean. When plastic bags get into the ocean they can entangle, suffocate and even kill marine animals. Plastic doesn't biodegrade, it just breaks up into smaller pieces. The number of plastic bags issued by UK supermarkets in the past year has risen by 333 million. Plastic bags are becoming a big problem and there are better solutions! Instead we should have reusable cotton bags/recyclable paper bags/biodegradable starch based bags. Banish the bags and go with reusable/biodegradable ones instead! If we want to cut the amount of waste sent to landfill this is the big step forward...

Amber who is only 16 years old is set to take on the government to ban the plastic bag by setting up this petition: 'Banish the Plastic Bags.' If the she gets 100,000 signatures, this will be eligible to go to the House of Commons. Since launching her campaign, Amber has been invited down to speak on BBC radio Kent, she has also made a video about how the effects of plastic bags can cause. Check out her amazing video 'Plastic Bags Pollute - Ban the Bags!'

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Horses all over the globe are being shipped to other countries via cramped double decker lorries, containing so many horses that their sides are rubbed bare from the sides of the lorry. This is what we want to try and stop; the cruel act of human beings against an animal so loyal and honest. This is just one way people are abusive to horses, but unfortunately, there are many more.

When the horses arrive at the slaughter house, they are shooed down off the lorry, and straight into their death, either being shot, having their necks slit, or some other cruel practice that hasn’t yet been found out from these dark warehouses. This is inhumane and cruel and we need to put a stop to this worldwide! Please sign here


A UK study has found that traditional farming methods are not only better for the farm animals themselves, but are also crucial for the survival of many threatened bird species.

The traditional--or "arable"--farms create ideal conditions for birds such as bustards, ibises, cranes, and vultures to build a habitat and breed in. Arable farms are also plentiful sources of food and shelter for these threatened birds.

Traditional arable farms are not only helping the animals, but the farmers as well. Industrial farms are steadily taking the place of these smaller farms, but by protecting biodiversity, farmers may be able to prevent themselves from being forced off their land.

Power is in the hands of the consumer, especially in this case. Pledge to save many threatened birds from facing extinction and keep traditional farms alive by supporting them over industrial farms. At the same time, let UK Prime Minister David Cameron know that arable farms need the government's support by signing here


In British laboratories, animals are poisoned, gassed, wounded, blasted, infected and killed in weapons experiments. Most of this work takes place at the Ministry of Defence Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment, at Porton Down in Wiltshire. Animals used include guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, dogs, rats, sheep, pigs, goats and monkeys. The results of the tests cannot even be reliably applied to people because of crucial biological differences between ourselves and other species.

We the undersigned: Believe that weapons testing on animals is immoral and cruel and urge the government to implement a total ban on the use of animals in weapons research!



In Moscow, the Zapashny Brothers' Circus is one of the main attractions. Close to 20,000 people per week come to the circus to delight in human acrobatics, tricks, and amazing animal feats. To an outsider, it may seem like the happiest place on earth.

For the animals however, it is not so. Animals that otherwise belong in the wild — like elephants, tigers, and lions — are captured, kept in sub-par living conditions, and then forced with whips to perform stunts every night. They are then led back to their cages where they have minimal room to stretch or move around.

Russia does not have any federal animal cruelty laws, and that's why we need to come to the rescue of these poor circus animals. Write to the Russian government asking them to enact federal anti animal cruelty laws so performing animals don't suffer further complications due to inadequate living arrangements.

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