Hi my name is Aimee, iam 10 years old. My passions in life are animals and helping make the world a better place because this is mine and every kids future.

I have been supporting the Ian Somerhalder Foundation since it started, I went to the UFactor in November last year and it was really amazing to see what things us kids could do to make this planet better, my passion has grown even more and I really want to make a difference.

At school we have been told that we can raise money for our favourite charity by doing a fitness activity, like running or playing a sport, I am not good at running and I dont think I am that good at sports but there is one thing I really enjoy and I think makes me fit cause I am always out of breathe when I do it :) Its HULA HOOPING I love doing it and it keeps me really fit.

So for my school project I want to do a Hula Hoop Challenge to raise money for my favourite charity Ian Somerhalder Foundation, will you help me and sponsor me?

My 11th Birthday is May 20th and I would really LOVE it if you would help me by sponsoring my HULA HOOP challenge, I want to do 200 hula hoops in 30 mins if I can do more that would be AWESOME as I want to raise LOADS of money! 

On the day of my Birthday if you live in England you can come down and watch me :) I will post up a video to show everyone how many I did. :))

Will you help me by sponsoring me?

If you would like to spomsor me and help me raise loads of money for ISF please can you donate and click the big yellow donate button :) Any donation would be awesome cause my mum always says every little counts!  :)  Thank you  Aimee :)))))