ISF Surrey is a UK official ISF Community Crew approved by ISF, working in support of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Our aim is to educate people and focus on some of the important issues such as helping & supporting the planet and its creatures, animal safety and rescue, recycling and environmental issues.

We will continue to support the IS Foundation and raise as much awareness as we can within the UK focusing on serious issues.

To continue our constant support with the IS Foundation we are dedicated to holding 3 main ISF events every year to introduce people to the foundation and to also help raise money in support of such a worthy cause.

Lets help make a change together and continue to worldwide!


Millie Monte

I love new challenges and helping others.  My passions are animals, environment and helping make a difference in the world. 

I support many causes locally including RSPCA, BCSPCA & Four Paws UK.

I had heard of ISF but not as much as I wanted to so I did some research and read up on the foundation. 

The IS foundation touched me and I knew that this was something that I wanted to get involved with and help as they had the 

same beliefs as me and it stood for everything I believed in.

I believe that together we can make a change and make the world a better place! 

Carla McCarron

Hi my name is Carla McCarron, I am married and a mother of two children. 
I first became aware of IS Foundation after discovering it on the internet. The more and more I read about the foundation the more I became touched and understood why so many people of all different ages worldwide are so inspired by ISF and their goals, I love animals and the environment, I am lucky enough to live in and around some beautiful countryside near some beautiful beaches.

ISF has inspired me to become more involved in something that I am passionate about to help make a change and to achieve my own personal goals.

Latifa Walker

I stumbled across ISF after reading an article about how we all need to start living in harmony with our planet before 
it's too late  and was struck by how deeply I connected with the aim ISF!

I work full-time in a music shop, play bass guitar, drums and learning the celtic harp. I write poetry, read, meditate
 and love learning about  History and our planet.

I find birds fascinating, especially Pigeons. I think they are far more intelligent than they are given credit for! 
I do Reiki, Alternative Healing, Astrology, Tarot, Meditation.  I like learning more about myself and other people.
 I never seem to stop thinking about what's out there and why we are here! 
We need to join together in peace and love to live in harmony with this beautiful planet...the way we are meant to!" 


Bekki Verheyden-Meek

I have been passionate about animals and the environment since I was a little girl. I have supported many charites over the years but none that worked tirelessly for both. The passion, inspiration and extreme hard work that all the ISF Crews do made me want to be a part of that and with that I have become a member of one of the biggest families in the world ISF! My biggest passions are animal protection and rescure, animal and environmental extinction and recycling.


ISFGEN_Surrey Founder
Amber Monte
My name is Amber Monte, I am 17 Years old and I support the IS Foundation. I love working with ISF Surrey so much that I wanted to make more of an impact so I decided to create my own ISF GEN Crew called ISFGen_Surrey Crew,

Last year I did a sponsored gymnastic walkover to raise money for ISF, I managed to raise $700! Ian Somerhalder is a true inspiration for our generation and I believe that he can make an impact and make a change in the world.

I also made a ISF Cheer for Ian Somerhalder which you can check out on the Kids page.
I love animals especially my cat Daisy and my dog Elly, I believe that Cruelty to Animals is wrong and we should help stop this!

I support the IS Foundation 100% as I think if we all work together we can achieve big things and
make a change in the world! Lets help make the world a better place for us kids to live in!

Aimee Monte

ISFGEN_Surrey Crew Member

Hi, my name is Aimee Monte and I love animals and helping to make a difference. I love to dance and play football but most of all I love playing with my dog Ellie and Cat Daisy.  When I don't have school work to do, I like to help down our local animal shelter where I get to feed the dogs and look after the some of the sick cats.

When I am older I would like to become a Vet because I love animals and I want to look after them and give them the love and care they need. :)

I love helping with ISF because I think what Ian Somerhalder is doing to change the world is amazing and I think there should be more people like him in the world then we would all live better and there would be no cruelty to animals or people wanting to destroy our enviroment. I look up to him as a role model

Offical ISF Community Crew - Approved by IS FOUNDATION