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Check out our very own Aimee who will be doing another challenge for ISF to raise more funds, she is doing her jump rope challenge, check out her go funding page and support and donate if you can.…/aimee-s-isf-jump-rope-challenge  

She is currently on £145 and her goal target is £500 will you help her reach her goal :)


Thank you for those who have donated to our fundraisers, name the teddy and lucky numbers, we are proud to say we are no on a grand total of $4000 thank you so much, we still want to hit our target so please donate to a worthy cause and help build the animal sancturary.


HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ISF SURREY! We hope you changemakers had an amazing Christmas and New Year time to start changinging the world!!


Check out our very own Monte Girls interview with Ian Somerhalder Foundation, come and meet them and check out what passions they have.
Monte Sister! Girl Power! I wanted to say that the girls loved doing this, they are my inspiration! My little change makers! Thank you Jules Trace & all the youth team! Xo


Wow! Thank you everyone who voted for ISF Surrey We really appreciate it, I have to say I have an amazing team/family big shout outs go to Carla McCarron &Bekki Verheyden-meek for all their hard work working endlessly to come up with fundraising ideas! To my kids who continue to amaze me with their devotion and hard work to ‪#‎ISF‬ they are my inspiration so thank you Amber,Aimee & Mason my changemakers you inspire me everyday!

I am honoured to be ‪#‎herogoody‬ of the month wow didnt see that coming thank you to everyone who voted but I am sure there was someone more deserving for this award than me but thank you i am touched and it means alot that you support me and I shall continue to make a change in the world not only for us but for the next generation. Again thank you so much! Big kisses and hugs love you all!! Millie xxxx

Millie Monte's photo.
Millie Monte's photo.


To everyone who has donated to Amber @GenISF_Surrey Baked Bean Fundraiser she is buzzing with joy that she has almost hit her target and would like to thank each and everyone of you who has donated! Her goal ISF target was £500 which is approximately $800 and she is at £444/$761 she is almost there! Please continue to donate if you can and remember any donation over £10 will automatically receive a ISF Gift Bundle. To donate please click HERE


We are so excited about our new donation bundles, thank you to our amazing team who really worked hard to get these wonderful items made for you guys to enjoy. Check out our new donation bundles here and show your support by grabbing yourself one be quick though cause I have a feeling these are going to go real fast!


For those who do not know already Amber @GENISF_Surrey is my daughter she has officially become a registered crew but still works together with us as well as Mason who is officially ISF Kids Army, together we all work  to fundraise for ISF.

Amber has recently created a new fundraiser called the Bake Bean Challenge, her challenge to raise money for ISF is to sit in a tub of bake bean and other orange gooey stuff, PLEASE NOTE all food that is used which will not be much, WILL be RECYCLED to our local farm where Amber and her sister Aimee volunteer, we will not be throwing anything away everything will be recycled.

For details of her fundraiser please click here on her GO GET FUNDING project, she has already raised £221 she still has another £379 to hit her goal target of £500 so please if you could donate to her fundraiser and support a worthy cause! Click on link below:-
 ISF Bake Bean Bath Challenge


Big THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our MUD BATH & CARLAS BEN NEVIS CLIMB Fundraisers photos can be found on our face book page ISF SURREY, we raised another amazing amount for ISF $2,000 and presented Ian with another cheque in Brussels. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts without all your support and constant donations we would be where we are now.



We have some new donation bundles available on the site, check them out, donate to a great cause and get some amazing bundles HERE!



Before we head into the new year we are out to help ISF get the 10K prize in the Crowdrise Holiday Challenge, we are reaching out to every single ISF supporter to help us and WIN this for ISF. Will you help our amazing ISF Kids do this? They have come up with some amazing prizes and FREE GIFT set to give away if you donate :) Please check out the ISF Kids page
HERE for more info on how to donate win and get yourself a FREE GIFT!


We were lucky enough to give Ian Somerhalder another cheque in Atlanta for $2,300 which we raised by doing sponsored cycles and walks and various fundraising. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard and donated to make this happen, Ian is a very humble man who aprreciated all the hard work everyone did to raise the money. A big Thank You to everyone who donated!



We have been so overwelmed by the support from everyone who has supported ISF and the ISF Surrey support group, we have received so many donations from you wonderful people and your continued support has been AMAZING! We are pleased to say that we are now an Offical ISF Community Crew all registered and approved by the IS Foundation, so thank you for believing in us and THANK YOU so much to everyone who has donated to our fundraisers without you guys we wouldn't be were we are now!

We are still in the process of working around the clock to raise more funds for ISF so please take some time to check out our shop loads of new things in and perhaps donate to one of our fundraisers. :)

Thank you again for all your support and love!




New I Support ISF Canvas Tote Bags! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new I support ISF Canvas Tote Bags that are on sale in our shop for £10 UK & $15 FREE POSTAGE! If you would like one of these Tote Bags check out our shop HERE


ISF Surrey would like to thank everyone who donated to Carlas Mountain Climb, we hit target and we raised a grand total of £1,000 which we presented to Ian Somerhalder. We are pleased to announce that our favourite little ROCK STAR Mason Glazier is at it again, he is taking his adventerous mind and has decided to do a sponsored bike ride to raise more money for #ISF so that he can give Ian a cheque in Novemeber 2013. Please join me in supporting and donating to this amazing little guy. For more information please check out  Masons Cycle Challenge HERE


Thank you to everyone who donated and entered our Slient Auction to win the signed Ian ISF Bag. We have another Auction on the way so if you missed out please check our website to find out when we will be doing the next one :)


Do you fancy one of these signed tote bags by Ian Somerhalder for yourself? Well here is your chance to win one. We have a few limited signed tote bags that Ian so kindly signed for us, for a chance for everyone to get to own one, we are doing a silient auction, simply send us you name and bid to for a chance to win.


On May 11th at the BloodynightCon Europe Brussels Event, we had the pleasure of speaking to Ian and presenting him with two cheques of $1,000 each, one was from all our fundraisers and the other was from Sandras hard wok running the Marathon for ISF. They is still more to come and we are hoping to give Ian another cheque from everyones hard work and determination to help us raise money for ISF! So those of you who have helped and you all know who you are, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all your donations and support towards making the ISF Sanctuary dream come true! Lets help Ian get this built!


ISF & Birthday Fundraiser 16th March 2013

Come along to our ISF Birthday Fundraiser on March 16th where Mason Glazier & the ISF gang will be holding our 5th Annual ISF Fundraiser to raise money for ISF Animal Sanctuary and celebrating Masons 8th Birthday.


Mason Glaziers Birthday Gift!

As many of you probably already know our little champion Mason Glazier will be celebrating his 8th Birthday and he has a special request. Although he would love you to send him loads of presents his special Birthday Wish is for you to donate to ISF. On the 16th March is Mason's Birthday and with a little help from us he has specifically requested to do a Birthday ISF Bowling Fundraiser to help raise more money. So not only is he turning away your presents and asking you to donate to ISF but he is also turning his Birthday Party into a ISF Fundraiser! What a little CHAMPION!

Mason would love you to come along and help make his birthday wish come true so please if you are able to come down on the 16th March to his  ISF Fundraiser Birthday Party and show your support please check out our events page for information on the event, it will be posted up soon. If you would like to do something for Mason for his Birthday then please take some time and donate on his ISF Surrey Page HERE Lets help get the ISF Sanctuary Built!



This year we are still continuing to work around the clock to help fundraise for ISF and help build the ISF Sanctuary. We would like to reach our goal of $1,500 would be great to get up to $2,000 like we did last year. As well as giving away FREE Team Damon T shirts we are also giving away these lovely I Support ISF Tote Bags for a small donation of £5 or $8 they usually sell for £8 in our shop. We also have some new T shirts, Team Damon, Team Klaus, Team Stefan and Team Salvatore in our shop, so please have a look. We will be bring in some new stuff this year so please keep a look out. All monies are donated to ISF. We are a non profit support group and everything we do raise goes straight to ISF. We are hoping to give Ian another cheque in June. I would like to thank everyone who has donated to make this possible, without your help and dedication we wouldnt have been able to reach our goal target and give Ian the $2,000 cheque.


FREE Team Damon T Shirts!

For a limited time only we are giving away Team Damon T Shirts to anyone who donates $10 or more towards our ISF Animal Sanctuary Project. If you fancy being a proud owner of one these, please check out our Projects page HERE



On September 1st, our brave ISF Surrey Kid Mason Glazier, climbed Mount Snowdon in aid of ISF Animal Sanctuary. This amazing 7 Year old wanted to do something special to help the IS Foundation.

I am pleased to announce that Mason raised a grand total of £500 which is $800 for the IS Foundation.

Thank you everyone who donated and helped with Mason's climb. We are pleased to announce that a Cheque was presented to Kim and Ian this year at Eyecon. :) xx



Kids never cease to amaze me. Mason Glazier our very own ISF Surrey kid will be climbing Mount Snowdon to raise funds for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation Animal Sancturary. Mason who is only 7 years old will be doing this amazing climb on September 1st and would love you to make his day by donating to his project.

Check out Masons story and his video to help him raise funds for ISF HERE



Thank you to everyone who helped out raising $2,000 towards the ISF Animal Sancturary, we are very pleased to announce that we had the opportunity to present Ian Somerhalder with the cheque at the Birminghams TVD event Insurgence 4.


Although we managed to raise $2,000 there is still a long way to go, please help us and join us to continue to raise money for the Animal Sancturary. For every $10 or £10 you donate to this worthy cause, you will automatically receive a Ian Somerhalder or ISF Surrey Mousemat as a free gift. Check out our projects page below and help us make this a reality!

ISF to launch a Animal Sancturary. ISF intends on creating a safe haven for all the outcasted animals that have been neglected, mistreated and ultimately misunderstood. Some may see the potential in an abused animal as ending at the animal's personal rehabilitation. In our eyes, this is just the beginning.

We are in the process of working around the clock to make this a reality! Please check out our Projects Page HERE to find out how much we have raised so far!

For more information on how to donate please check out the Offical ISF website HERE


We would like to say a massive thank you to Latifia Walker my partner in crime who arranged a fabulous ISF Gig, even though she was ill on the night she was with us in spirit! We raised a grand total of £500 which went towards the ISF Animal Sancturary.


On 20 - 22 June, 2012 world leaders will travel to Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations Rio+20 Conference. The goal is to approve a plan where governments and private sector organizations work together to ensure equality for the earth as a whole. Essentially, the conference will shape the future of our planet and everyone on it.

Check out what our Youth have to say about it HERE


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